He loves you. He loves you not. 

When we were young, growing up on our remote Scottish island, Jonah and I were inseparable.  Jonah was smart and sensitive, I was impulsive and a little naïve. We spent endless summer days on the loch shores, talking, reading, daydreaming. I thought we’d be together forever, sharing our lives and our secrets as we always had. Until that stormy summer night when his brother drowned.

The day after the funeral, Jonah left without a word. I heard nothing for eleven years. I imagined his return constantly, how he’d look, what we’d say. But now he’s back, living in his old house next door again, and it’s nothing like I hoped.

Jonah’s not the sweet boy I once knew. His mood is changeable, his behaviour increasingly unstable. And then the knocks on the window begin. It can only be him.

After all these years, I see our childhood secrets, the ones we swore never to reveal, in a newly terrifying light. Was his brother’s death truly an accident? Could Jonah’s secrets have been worth killing for? And how safe am I now, on this isolated island, with the man I used to love…?

Thrilling and gripping until the final page, Childhood Sweetheart is a dark and unsettling psychological thriller perfect for fans of Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train and Lisa Jewell.

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© Copyright Wendy Clarke